Snowflake Milled Relaxed luxury. Woven in Italy.
Snowflake Milled Finish is Gladson’s made in Italy flannel jacketing collection.
Jackets have eclipsed suits as a fashion category thanks to changing dress codes and the versatility of garments that can be dressed up or down as required. Increasingly, consumers have been drawn to texture and depth in seasonal jacketing, and Snowflake Milled Finish qualities cater to that sensibility with a curation of lofty, flannel jacketing suitable from work week to weekend.

Snowflake XIII, the newest edition, features autumnal colorations and includes luxury blends of alpaca, linen, silk and cashmere. Bouclé yarns and oversized plaids represent significant fashions of the season, and assorted weights allow for a range of uses, from outerwear to unstructured dinner jackets.