Irish Linen - Seersucker - Quest Cottton collections from Gladson NY.
IRISH LINEN Made from the flax plant, Irish Linen is considered by many to be the ultimate in ‘casual chic’ summer suiting. Irish Linen is a much sought after cool, comfortable textile with a pleasing appearance that ‘wears in’ and ages beautifully.

SEERSUCKER A summer suiting staple featuring the characteristic ‘crinkle’ stripes woven in the vertical (warp) direction. ‘Seersucker’ is a phonetic variation on the Persian term ‘shirushakar’ meaning ‘milk and sugar’. Ours is a pure cotton quality in a variety of traditional and contemporary colors.

QUEST COTTONS Uniquely constructed with natural stretch built in, this 100% cotton quality combines comfort and performance in a color palette that includes a plethora of fashion and classic plain shades.