Greenhills is a cloth of unusual beauty, an elegant hand and a performance factor that is pure magic.
An extraordinary new cloth lovingly created by Vitale Barberis Canonico is now available to tailors and custom clothiers in the United States. Its name is “Greenhills” and it was a long time in the making.

Its basis is Super 160's Australian Merino Wool shorn from sheep that graze on the Barberis owned Greenhills property in the famous wool producing area of Mudgee, Australia. The Barberis property currently produces only 80 kilos of this remarkable fiber each year.

As with all Barberis cloths, the quality of the raw fiber is only a part of the equation. Even with the exceptional quality of the raw fiber in Greenhills, how the fiber is spun into yarn and how the cloth is constructed and finished is of vital importance. Quite frankly, nobody does this like Barberis.