Alsport Woven in England by John G. Hardy
Today’s Alsport collection by John G. Hardy encapsulates that quintessential British look.
Royal Warrant
Almost 100 years ago John G. Hardy founded the company which today holds the undisputed position of market leader for the supply of elegant country fabrics. In 1829 the Duke of York (who later became King George V1), used a John G. Hardy cloth for the regimental tweed for the Brigade of Guards. He was Colonel in Chief of the regiment at the time. Later King Edward VIII, whilst still the Prince of Wales, acquired from John G. Hardy the distinctive checked fabric, which would later bear his name. The extensive fabric range still includes several Prince of Wales checks and the expression has become instantly recognizable. Its earthy tones and district checks reflect the changing seasons and take us back to a bygone era when every gentleman wore tweed.

As the name suggests, Alsport is suitable for all country pursuits, whether it be hunting, shooting, fishing or merely enjoying the great outdoors. As well as the established Prince of Wales checks the Alsport collection includes high coloured district checks, herringbone designs, barleycorn weaves with subtle windowpanes and the traditional gamekeeper’s tweed. This new bunch draws on the best of the traditional designs and gives them a modern twist.