Saratelle Super 120’s Australian Merino Wool and Silk.
Woven in Huddersfield, England, Saratelle is a blend of two of nature’s truly remarkable fibers: Super 120’s Australian Merino Wool and Schappe Spun Silk.
Saratelle … an enchanting name that hints of adventure, far off places and the exotic.

Though its origins are English, Saratelle is a cloth worn around the world by urban sophisticates, part of whose stock and trade lies in creating a memorable impression at just the right moment. The fact that Saratelle wears exceptionally well is just an added bonus.

This yarn is produced from the best quality mulberry silk which is whiter and more regular than other silk varieties. Schappe yarns have the maximum regularity and luster properties that are so important in the finished garment. Even more importantly, the silk yarn used in Saratelle is AAA quality … simply the best.

The silk and the sharkskin weave combine to lend just a hint of luster which is a large measure of Saratelle’s equisite appeal. Tipping the scales at 9 ounces, this elegant sharkskin is the perfect year-round cloth. It is small wonder that this unique cloth enjoys a loyal following with sartorial trendsetters everywhere.