Bedlam Insanely elegant. Made in England
Why ‘Bedlam’? The name comes from ‘St. Mary Bethlehem Hospital’, the notorious 19th Century London lunatic asylum which has become a synonym for chaos, confusion or madness.
Royal Warrant
The Bedlam Collection by Hardy Minnis features a comprehensive range of around 80 ultra-sartorial suitings made in Huddersfield, England, the home of the world’s finest cloths. Spun of Super 130’s Australian Merino Wool in a 9 oz/ 280 g weight, ‘Bedlam’ is the ideal choice for year-round comfort and performance. We chose the name ‘Bedlam’ because we almost lost our minds during the painstaking perfecting of this exquisite collection. Starting with an unparalleled assortment of mélange and twist yarns, our design and production team continually refined and reworked each swatch to achieve maximum dimension, movement and eye appeal.

The sophisticated color palette, including a variety of depths and casts in blue and navy and further enhanced by unusual yet elegant accent colors, brings this design achievement to life.

The collection encompasses the complete spectrum of menswear suiting patterns as well as plains.The result is the epitome of sartorial style, luxurious handle, and year round performance.

Bedlam. Insanely elegant. Made in England