Flannel Woven in in Huddersfield, England
Where Fashion Meets Function
Royal Warrant
Authentic woollen flannel, made “the old fashioned way”, is part of the British heritage. Normally offered only in traditional designs and classic colours, Hardy Minnis has brought this iconic fabric to a new level, with an eye-popping assortment of elegant, contemporary designs in fresh, vibrant colours. For the purist among you, the classic designs and colours are included as well, in some cases with a slight tweak to the strength of decoration or ground shade.

Woven in our manufacturing facility in Huddersfield, England, Flannel features the legendary “Huddersfield Sett” construction, providing more body than “look-alike” flannels made by other mills and outside of the U.K. This construction gives improved tailorability, performance and durability to the fabric. Of course the critical stage of production is the finishing process, in which our own private recipe is applied to yield a finished product that is quintessentially British and perfect for purists