Pure Cashmere Gladson’s ‘Pure Cashmere’ collection
Oscar Wilde once said, “Let me be surrounded by luxury, I can do without the necessities!”
We think he would have approved of Gladson’s ‘Pure Cashmere’ collection. The ultimate in luxury and style, we source only the very finest raw fiber available which is then spun and woven by the world’s premier cashmere specialists who are uniquely skilled at uncovering the beauty and softness of this rare and precious resource.

PURE CASHMERE is a one-stop-shop for a complete cashmere wardrobe of suiting, jacketing and coating in our widest assortment to date. The lightest weight is our exquisite, worsted-spun “Alashan’ Cashmere. Whether you are looking for the ultimate blazer, suit or trousers, this 220g quality in a dizzying array of colors and at just 12 microns in diameter, is simply the best there is.

Our medium weight, 350g jacketing offers a rich assortment of colors and patterns in solids, plaids, herringbones, windowpanes and houndstooths sure to please every taste.

And for those winter days, our broad selection of beaver-finish topcoat colors completes the range and the wardrobe in style. Oscar would be proud.