Flex Sport Italian Stretch wool and Cotton fabric from Gladson New York
Flex Sport from Gladson Italian Stretch Wool and Cotton fabric for Jackets and Trousers
“COMFORT” and “STRETCH” have become magic words in men’s apparel. The challenge for Gladson has been to develop a wool stretch fabric that lives up to the special requirements of the custom clothing customer…. a fabric that meets our criteria for amount of stretch, recovery, overall performance, luxury and eye appeal.

Gladson’s Flex Sport collection checks all these boxes. Produced by the famed Reda mill of Biella, Italy, our Super 110’s wool stretch fabric is a breakthrough development. It contains 1% Roica™, a sustainable elastic fiber that gives the fabric sufficient stretch to deliver the comfort that both men and women require today. This is often not achievable in fabrics with “natural stretch”. Another bonus is the completely different character that this fabric acquires as a result of the proprietary technology used in making it. The cloth looks finer and feels lighter and more luxurious than the Super 110’s fiber it contains.

The above mentioned Super 110’s stretch fabric is offered in two constructions. A solid fine twill in a range of classic, sophisticated colors that is ideal for suits and trousers and a textured hopsack or “mesh” weave that is surprisingly compact, firm, tighter constructed and more luxurious feeling than you’d expect.

Our Made in Italy stretch cotton in plain twill, featuring a “warm” luxury finish, is offered in an extensive range of classic and neutral colors. This superb fabric is ideal for year round wear as a suit, jacket or trouser.