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Sprezzatura Shirting

Dress and Sport Shirting Fabrics. Made in Italy.

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Sprezzatura Dress Shirting Fabrics

Gladson is delighted to introduce our newest collection of Italian shirtings, entitled "Sprezzatura" which is Italian for "Effortless Style". Each of the designs featured in the collection has been carefully curated from one of Italy's most renowned shirting mills to reflect the most on trend colors, patterns and qualities available. The assortment features a striking variety of dressy stripes, checks and plains in the most compelling colors and designs in either 100 percent cotton, 100 percent cotton 120s 2 ply or 100 percent cotton 140s 2 ply.

Dress Shirting collection

Sprezzatura Sport Shirting Fabrics

These sport shirtings are woven by one of Italy's most renowned shirting mills in a superb brushed cotton which has an amazing hand feel. Perfect with sport coats or more casually with jeans, these exquisite sport shirtings include 100 percent cotton and 100 percent cotton 120s 2 ply qualities.

Sport Shirting collection

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